Parking is nothing complicated!
Get prepared for your driving test and park like a PRO in any situation.

8 million views

Over the past 3 years video tutorials, which are included in this course, have been watched by more than 8 million people. NOW the Parking Tutorial is available for you in its FULL version.

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The 5 parking techniques

No more problems with parking – both on the driving test and after getting your driver`s license.

Parallel parking
Parallel parking
Parking between the lines
Bay parking
Parking in forward
Benefits of this course

You will learn how to quickly and safely park your car in any road situation.

  • THE 94 MINUTEvideo course will give you as much information as you could only get within weeks of practice lessons with an instructor.
  • 3D ANIMATIONwith a 360° view makes the course absolutely understandable and clear.
  • VIDEO RECORDINGallows you to take a look at the situation from the driver`s point of view.

Obtain your driving license from the very first try

This is your chance to get rid of your parking problems once and for all,
which millions of drivers face every day.


In this chart you see how much money you can save

  • Each additional driving lessonstarting from $30
  • Retake of a driving teststarting from $40
  • Car repairs after an accidentstarting from $300
  • Your time and serenitypriceless

You will find the course especially helpful in case of…

  • You are learning how to drive and want to succeed in your driving test.
  • You`re sick of parking your car far away from the entrance, just because it is the only place with no other cars nearby.
  • You want to teach a beginner the basics of parking and prevent possible high cost consequences.


You will also learn techniques of performing special maneuvering
exercises, included in the test.

Reversing around a corner
Three point

What people say about Parking Tutorial

“'s amazing how effective and easy it is!”

Over the years I kinda unlearned how to park and it frustrated me, because I know I used to do this without problems.

I tried out this video's methods and it's amazing how effective and easy it is! I parked into the smallest spaces no problem. Thank you so much for making me feel less like an idiot driver :D

Lisa Vangine
“...the instructor said my parking was perfect”

This video was EXTREMELY helpful!! I didn't practice parking as much as I liked, so I looked for a video that explained it in full detail.

I used this video as a guide and today I passed my road test. The instructor said my parking was perfect. Great video and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help with parking.

“This is exactly what I have been trying to explain to my students”

As a driving-instructor (but not so high schooled person in digital and graphic presentations) I really thank you for this excellent tutorial ! This is exactly what I have been trying to explain on thousands sheets of paper to my students :)

Parking can be a driver’s worst nightmare but it doesn’t have to be! This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to park perfectly every time.

Parking Tutorial has over 8 million views

It's comparable to population of Washington D.C.

Parking can be simple. Make it sure yourself!

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